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.Who Am I. by Wolf-Chalk

Critique time! :la:

I'll start with the general impact I got when I first laid my eyes on this. I mean wow. This is just beautiful. The mood, the background, the atmosphere... very well done! Again, you truly master the art of creating scene full of emotions, you can just feel how torn little Avin is. The fireflies... no matter how many times you use them, no matter how "cliche'" it might be, they just always manage to bring a touch of magic. I'll never get tired of them!

Next I'll say a few words about the technique. The linework is fantastic, especially knowing you work with a mouse. The color concept is pretty and fits the mood of the picture. The lighting and shadowing are excellent, I dare say some of your best. Avin's pose and expression reflect the inner conflict he is having, and this is one of those pieces where you've done it so well you wouldn't need a word to explain this artwork. Just look at it and you know what is going in on: you feel it.

Last, I have some suggestions for improvement. No complaints, only suggestions. ^^ The bg, like I said, looks great, except the grass looks a bit rushed. If you weren't feeling like drawing every single blade of grass prefect, you could have used the grass brush. XD The lighting is excellent as I mentioned, but I think those fireflies are bright enough to cast some faint light onto Avin. While this is a very minor thing, it could help Avin blend into his environment.

Very beautiful piece, hope to see more like this!

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Wolf-Chalk Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea xD Though with the grass, I was trying to lean away from being solely dependant on the tools so thus you got this sloppy mess here xD Experimentation is never the best the first time we go c: Thanks xD
Husky-Heart Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah I see XD I can appreciate the effort, and experimenting is fun and important! And it's fine, because it's not the focus anyway. XD You welcome. <3 ^^
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